Jesus is the only way for Salvation
God loves to save the most Despicable kinds of people.

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The Great commission does not say, “Come and sit!” It says, “Go… and tell.” Let me pray today, in your most Holy Name, for those who have fallen asleep to Your Word to wake up, to make sure that those around me have heard about You and have had the chance to receive You, and then let me go out and ignite a fire of evangelism for You that will burn brightly.

Dear Lord, You know the many battles that are raging. But regardless of what my personal circumstances are, what the national circumstances may be in our country, what the political circumstances may be around the world, I will be victorious because Your Word says that I will be more than a conqueror through You. Let me pray today, in your most Holy Name, to stay faithful… knowing that ahead of me is a crown of righteousness… which You will give to me on that day…

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