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The Greek word sabbaton (#4521 in Strong's Concordance) is used in the New Testament 68 times. FIFTY-NINE times it is translated SABBATH,but NINE times the very same word is ARBITRARILY translated "first day of the week."
Some new Bibles are dangerous because of the theological bias of their translators
Why would the translators make that arbitrary change?

Of these nine times, 6 times are in reference to the resurrection of Jesus
, 2 refer to (purportedly religious) meetings that were held and 1 refers to an incident of fasting.

Isn't it curious that the translators of the King James Version of the Bible would arbitrarily and dramatically change the translation of a word 9 times, when it is systematically and repeatedly translated "Sabbath" 59 times? What is their reason? It is also curious to see the 9 times in the New King Bible the word Day is in Italics which means it was added. The Greek word for Day Hemera and the word first Protos  and the word week Hebdomads is not there and only in these 9 verses check it out.

It is also interesting to note nowhere in the old testament is the phrase first day of the week is used.

If one wishes to say "first day" in Greek is PROTOS #4413 , there are specific words to do so.

The word for "FIRST" 155 times in The (NT) Greek is PROTOS (#4413 in Strong's Concordance).


·       The word for "DAY" 443 times in The (NT) Greek is HEMERA (#2250 in Strong's Concordance)


·      The word “WEEK” is only found 9 times in the (NT) There is NO specific Greek word listed in Strong's Concordance for the English word "WEEK." However, some Greek scholars say that the word "week" in Greek is designated by the term "sevens" or hebdomads in Greek. Yet in these instances the word "Sabbaton" is arbitrarily translated `WEEK" instead of its proper translation - "SABBATH."

So if one wishes to say "First Day" in Greek, the words are "Protos Hemera!" --- NOT mia Sabbaton which means "on the Sabbath," "one Sabbath" or "one of the Sabbaths."

"But in no case was sabbaths ever used for `week'". That is always represented by hebdomad , or seven. The only exception would be when a number of sabbaths measure the same space of time as so many hebdomads. As the expression "first day of the week" can be so readily expressed in Greek there are grave grounds for refusing to use these words as the equivalent of `one of the sabbaths'".

Let's look at the ORIGINAL Greek: It says that Jesus was resurrected on "mia Sabbaton" Sabbaton is the Greek word for Sabbath. Sabbath is the word for the Seventh day of the week Saturday in the English language and in 100 other languages (Sabado in Spanish, Shabat in Hebrew, Sabbaton in Greek, etc.




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