If God asked you to do something would you do it without Questions?

- So if Yeshua Jesus is the only perfect example how we should live , He was eating accourding to the Levitius food Laws , He was keeping the Old Testament commands and statues, He kept Yahweh feast days and He aways keep the Sabbath. Then why arnt we doing the same? ­



This is a picture of the Christian Jesus Christ, savior of the world. His

fathers is called LORD.

He started a new religion called Christianity inturned replaced the law with grace, changed the Sabbath and removed the Diearty instructions, Gods Feast days. Christianized pagen holidays such as son god birthday Dec 25  to Chistmas, Pass over to Easter another pagon goChristian are about 2 billian through out the  world.

This picture is of Yeshua masiah is  His Hebrew name Yeshua is from the tribe of Judah His Father names is Yehweh which the christian bible changed to Lord over 6800 times as well translated Yeshua (you cant tranlate names you can only change them) God chose Abraham to be the father of His choses ones. His son name was Isiak his son name was Jobock which Yahweh change to Israel he has 12 sons witch became the 12 tribes of Israel this group of people was to become set apart people with laws and statues of how to live with other and Love Yehweh and others. y